High-End Car Care Without Dealership Prices

Few things bring more satisfaction than cruising down Pacific Coast Highway in your favorite ride. Whether your vehicle is a late-model Maserati or a classic Porsche convertible, you’ll want to keep it in top condition with quality repairs and regular maintenance services that are performed by mechanics who specialize in imported luxury and sports cars. At G&M Automotive Service, we share your passion for high-end cars. Our certified mechanics have extensive training in European car care and work to the highest standards set by car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Jaguar Land Rover, and Volvo.

Here are some services that we offer.

  • Brake Repair
  • Transmission Repair
  • Maintenance Service
  • A/C & Heater Repair
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics & Repair
  • Auto Electrical Repair

Our Car Service Specialties

  • Brake Repair

    Brake Repair

    Even your Porsche has to slow down and stop at some point. When it does, it relies on a high-tech braking system that matches the car’s acceleration power. When your imported car needs brake repair services, take it to a qualified brake repair specialist like our team at G&M in Monrovia. Our brake repair services include a thorough inspection of your car using our state-of-the-art shop equipment. We tailor our brake repair services to meet your car’s needs for safety and performance. We use high-quality, dealer-grade parts for our brake repair services.

  • Transmission Repair

    Transmission Repair

    Your car’s transmission transfers power from the engine to the car’s wheels. When transmission repair services are neglected, your car could leave you stranded in rush hour traffic or refuse to go into gear when you need to get to an important meeting across town. Our transmission repair services come with a multi-point inspection to identify your car’s exact transmission repair problem. Common transmission repair jobs include the replacement of solenoid valves, torque converters, and worn clutches. Fixing minor transmission issues early helps you to avoid more costly transmission repair services later.

    Here are some signs that you need our transmission repair services:

    • Unusual noises in neutral
    • Slipping gears
    • Car shakes during gear shifts
    • Check engine light is lit
    • Leaking transmission fluid

  • Maintenance Service

    Maintenance Service

    Maintenance service is needed to keep your imported vehicle running like new. Oil changes, timing belt replacements, and fluid flushes are some common maintenance service requests that we receive regularly. Other maintenance service projects that we do include changing spark plugs, replacing fuel filters, and doing wheel alignments. Every car is different, and we perform maintenance service inspections and repairs in accordance with your car manufacturer’s directions. At G&M, we can put your car on a regular maintenance service schedule to extend its life, maintain its warranty, and improve its resale value.

  • A/C & Heater Repair

    A/C & Heater Repair

    While Southern California is blessed with great weather 90 percent of the time, you’ll want your car’s air conditioner and heater working properly for those other days. With our A/C & heater repair services, you can be confident that your car’s indoor climate is comfortable whether you’re stuck in traffic on the 405 or you’ve decided to take a road trip across the state line to Arizona. A/C & heater repair services do more than just keep your car cool in the summer and warm in winter. Your car’s air conditioner dehumidifies air to help defog your windows on chilly mornings. Our A/C & heater repair services include changing cabin air filters to improve your vehicle’s indoor air quality. Maintaining your car’s air conditioner through our A/C & heater repair services can also help you to achieve improved fuel economy.

    We fix these common problems with our A/C & heater repair services:

    • Refrigerant leaks
    • Broken condensers
    • Malfunctioning thermostats
    • Vacuum leaks

  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics & Repair

    Check Engine Light Diagnostics & Repair

    Most imported cars are equipped with sensors that detect problems with your car before the vehicle becomes inoperable. When the service engine light comes on, it’s time to bring your car in for our check engine light diagnostics & repair services immediately. Our check engine light diagnostics & repair services involve scanning your car with our sophisticated equipment to find under-performing systems and faulty parts. We fix and replace parts during our check engine light diagnostics & repair services that prevent more serious problems from happening later.

    Here are some common check engine light diagnostics & repair services that we do:

    • Oxygen sensor replacement
    • Catalytic converter replacement
    • Mass airflow sensor replacement

    When other car owners panic at the thought of getting check engine light diagnostics & repair services, you can remain calm knowing that our check engine light diagnostics & repair services are accurate, quick, and competitively priced.

  • Auto Electrical Repair

    Auto Electrical Repair

    Modern sports and luxury vehicles rely heavily on their electrical systems to operate. We do auto electrical repair services to get your car started and running consistently as it should. Our auto electrical repair specialists replace starters, batteries, and alternators as part of our auto electrical repair services.

    Don’t know if you need our auto electrical repair services? Here are some sure signs that you need to bring your car to our auto electrical repair specialists for a thorough inspection and repairs.

    • Car won’t crank up
    • Frequently blown fuses
    • Dim or flickering lights
    • The smell of burning electrical wiring
    • Dead battery

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